First job opening is free

Your first job opening is completely free no matter the no. of job applications received. Why? It is the best way to know if SwyftCV will make hiring easier and better for you.

No limits.

No limits to the number of CVs you can receive with SwyftCV. Whether you receive 1000 or 10,000 CVs, SwyftCV will handle them all.

One click job application

Registered applicants apply for jobs with one click. No need to attach CVs and documents for every job application. No need for applicants to send any email.

Easy navigation

Move from CV to CV by clicking a button. No need to spend days opening msword and pdf cv attachments of applicants that are not suitable for the job. You only download cvs of applicants that show the greatest promise.

Automatic grouping.

Automatic grouping allows you to sift through cvs very quickly and see only applicants that meet a specific criteria. Example : If you want to see all applicants that have a second class upper degree, you click Second class upper.

Better organisation

You have better organisation and more efficiency because all job applications for a specific job are attached to that job using a job id.This helps you stay organised regardless of the amount of applications you receive.

Less stress, more productivity

Filter. Search. Sort. Navigate

Speed is of the essence